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Just a Note From Me To You – Bride to Bride

I woke up today, after a tossing and turning kind of night, and realized I haven’t written to you all in a while from a personal perspective.

As most of you know, I am a bride myself and a wedding planner. Typically stress rarely bothers me but I’m stressin’. After 6 postponements, and the uncertainty of how long this virus will continue, I’ve consumed 19 cups of coffee, 30 cups of tea and probably 20 bottles of wine and don’t feel any better. (Obviously an exaggeration, but still)

I’m pretty sure COVID-19 has made it close to impossible for anyone to be happy. I know you are all feeling the same way. With rumors going around about this virus continuing throughout the summer, I had my own panic moment about potentially having to cancel my very own mountain wedding dream! NOOOOOOO! I’m freaking out too!!!! Breathe Jess, breathe!

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From a wedding planner’s perspective, my heart hurts for the couples that have had to make such a hard decision and wait LONGER to get married. It is so hard sometimes to make those decisions about a day that is supposed to be about the two of you. If I could come to your house, sit on your couch and vent about all of this over a bottle of wine with you, I would not hesitate. We could even binge-watch Friends to help us laugh again. THIS IS ALL A MESS!

I pride myself on organization and problem solving but BOY did COVID-19 throw me for a loop. So now you understand why I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep. I then decided to look at it from a different perspective!

Each one of my couples that have had to change their wedding, decided to actually postpone and not cancel! HOW AMAZING!! That will help keep their vendors from going out of business and they still get the wedding of their dreams. Also, they have all been FANTASTIC during such a stressful time. They have all been easy going and very understanding of the endless email chains, tedious questions, and multiple phone calls.

Some have decided to still get married on their wedding date with family only. How special! Lastly, we have all been able to work out all the kinks that have set us back.

“Marriage is the golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and who ending is an eternity” – Khalil Gibraun

The wedding you have decided to throw is a party for that marriage of two becoming ONE. You are joining life together as that golden ring. We have to remember that the wedding was just that simple celebration and still will be. But who says you have to throw it on the same day!

So to all my couples, THANK YOU! Thank you for reminding me that sometimes, things don’t go as planned and people will surprise you. I PROMISE that I will do everything in my power to make your wedding day feel the same, if not better. Finally, remember that you have a team of vendors that are all ready to help and want nothing more than to make it work on both ends!

My advice to you: grab that fiance and squeeze tight. There is no better time to enjoy each other than now. Be thankful that some/most of us get to spend some time on the couch and complete some of those chores we have been putting off.

With locked doors to the outside world, double the amount of dirty dishes and some board games you can create a memorable and fun environment during such an uncertain time.






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