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Hello from your Wedding Planner!

Welcome to my blog Friends! My name is Jessica and I am the Owner of Hazel and Bloom Events. I am so excited about our new website and the addition of a blog. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you have decided to stop in and read a little more about our business.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I always dreamed of having a job that I truly enjoy and can still make it to all the fun parties. I have always been a sucker for pretty flowers, fun music and tasty cakes.

Growing up with two sisters, I always got to see the new cute clothes and the fun makeup. I watched my older sister, Whitney and her friends get dressed and go hang out at parties with their friends and I wanted nothing more than to be a part of those parties. My aunt and uncle love to tell the story of a time when my parents were hosting a party and I was supposed to go hang out at their house while my parents enjoyed a night of drinking and dancing with their friends. I was not okay with leaving the party and cried the entire way back to their house.

While attending Texas Tech University, I joined the Alpha Phi Fraternity and was able to be involved in hosting parties and events. I loved the décor, the flowers and everything it involved. On top of the pretty events, the people always showed up in gorgeous attire and big smiles.

After transferring to Texas State University, I was hired to help with Austin City Limits and their two week extravagant concerts and events. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. From the music, to the amazing food and the fun vendors I got to meet, I knew I needed to be a part of the event planning world. I just did not know how to start.

I put off that dream for a while to move to the mountains and be a ski instructor, another passion of mine. And although that was fun while it lasted, it was not practical for a full time job.

I quickly got hired on at Topgolf Salt Lake City and moved into the Event Office. I met amazing people along the way and helped people plan their birthday celebrations, baby reveals and corporate outings. However, I still wasn’t truly happy with where I was.

I finally moved back to Texas and took a job working with an amazing wedding venue in the hill country of Texas.

I met amazing vendors, saw stunning weddings and was involved in the process of planning for many people. I knew I had found my home. I decided to go out on my own and start my own company with the help of my wonderful family. My ultimate goal was to own my very own modern style wedding venue, but I knew that would come with time and tons of money! So patience is the only thing I could afford at the time and I was/still need help with that one. I made so many friends along the way and got help from every corner of the wedding industry. I joined networking groups and facebook pages to get my name out there, but it was still slow. “Persevere”, I kept telling myself. And I did! I finally own my very own wedding planning and event company based in San Antonio, Texas.

I have amazing clients that have become great friends and get to see wonderful people tie the knot. I’m so thankful for everyone that has given me advice or helped me along the way and I am even more thankful for the people that help me in the future.

Ask me any questions you might have and contact me if you are thinking about a destination wedding. I love to travel and will fly wherever!

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